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1. What Is Marketing ?

What is Marketing ? 2. Distinguish between buyer worth, satisfaction and quality. 3. Clarify the difference between needs, wants and demands. 4. What is included in the marketing provide ? 6. What are the 4 E-advertising domains ? 7. Explain the difference between e-enterprise, e-commerce, and e-advertising. 8. Describe the Model of Purchaser Behavior proven on page 137 of your textual content.

9. Checklist and describe the factors influencing shopper conduct. 10. What's CRM ? 11. Explain the purchaser choice course of. 12. Describe the buyer resolution process for brand spanking new merchandise. 13. What are the 4 steps of the advertising and marketing analysis course of ? 14. What types of problems should managers be aware of when using secondary information ? 15. Checklist and focus on three characteristics affecting shopper habits. 16. Listing and discuss the stages in the patron decision process for new products.

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  • 17. Focus on a means by which enterprise markets differ from consumer markets. 18. Discuss three of the stages in the business shopping for course of. 19. Record and focus on the degrees of market segmentation. 20. Clarify what is supposed by positioning for competitive benefit. 21. There are many ways to phase a market but not all segmentations are effective. What are two of the five ? 22. Brands can be positioned for worth primarily based on the benefits offered and the value charged.

    The result's the model value proposition. What are the five value propositions with which firms can achieve success ? Provide an instance for every. 23. Focus on the process of recent-product development technique. 24. Distinguish between product line choices and product combine choices. 25. What is the product life cycle ? Record three of the five levels and explain what occurs in each stage. 26. There are 8 main stages in the brand new-product development process. Listing and explain three of them. 27. Record and describe the elements to consider when setting prices.

    28. Discuss the factors to think about for product combine pricing strategies. 29. Describe the following terms/concepts. IN Your personal Phrases a. Value elasticity  b. Market penetration pricing c. Value-based pricing 30. Corporations may use segmented pricing as a part of their pricing technique. Explain the that means of segmented pricing and title three different types of segmented costs.

    31. Distinguish between vertical and horizontal marketing methods. 32. Talk about some key elements in advertising and marketing channel administration choices. 33. Describe the following phrases/concepts. IN Your own Phrases a. Advertising and marketing channel b. Supply chain administration c. 34. Checklist and explain two of the 4 major logistics functions ? 35. Explain the distinction between retailers and wholesalers. 36. Wholesalers add value by performing one or more of 9 channel functions.

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